Association Aznavour pour l'Arménie

The Association " Aznavour pour l’Arménie" (APA ) was created in the aftermath of the earthquake that struck northern Armenia on 7 December 1988 killing tens of thousands and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless.

The association is non-profit and APA was immediately recognized as an NGO ( Non Governmental Organization) by the French government and the European authorities due to the nature of its humanitarian action .

In 1993 , to continue its humanitarian work in Armenia , APA has opened a central office in Yerevan the capital of Armenia , as well as offices in the cities of Goris and Vanadzor . APA has had 20 to 140 employees depending on the missions it carried out.

During the first years this office served the following functions:

- Implementation and monitoring of humanitarian projects.

- Interface between the Government of the Republic of Armenia and the office in Paris.

- Liaison and coordination with non-governmental organizations.

- Member of the Committee for the Coordination of Humanitarian aid arriving in Armenia.

- Representation to foreign delegations and media.



Its means of financing


The first year funding for humanitarian programs has been achieved through the capital of the association from the revenues of the record" POUR TOI ARMENIE”. After the earthquake a panel of 80 French artists recorded the title to support Armenians and many generous donors also contributed to this effort of solidarity.


The following years subsidies were given mainly by the European Union , both for urgent relief and economic aids to achieve a more structural support. A collaboration with the World Bank with some large donations targeted to specific projects involving children aid, vulnerable social groups.


All proceedings from benefit concerts given in France and Armenia by Mr. CHARLES AZNAVOUR.


Some examples of actions taken by the association in 1988

In the aftermath of the earthquake, the main activities were as follows:

- Order 300 prefabricated houses in the affected area .

- Construction of three sheds 200 m2 intended as Cultural Centre and Youth Centre and implemented in these three centers in sewing, embroidery, dance, music, and sculpture.

- Emergency aid to hospitals for specialized equipment and medication.

- From 1991 to 1994 , with APA UMAF (Union of Armenian Doctors France) supported the travel of 50 physicians / surgeons who had volunteered to work 1 to 2 weeks to " Erebuni " hospital .

- Sending and direct distribution of milk and baby food.

- Sending and direct distribution of food to needy families, sheltering orphans and deprived families.

- Transfer (for cargo planes) and distribution of 12 ovens large capacity for industrial bakeries in the disaster area.


Assistance to orphanages and children's hospitals:

- Indeed, France pediatricians regularly kept track of orphans so that each child had his medical records. Thereafter, from de 1993 , the Representation employee four local doctors to continue the medical care of children in orphanages .

 - From 1992 to 1996 was distributed free production of infant food " Cebon " for children 6 to 30 months.


Activities of the APA 's office in Armenia in 1993


Continued actions to orphanages

- Steps have been taken to help resolve administrative and financial problems in orphanages.

- The 4 doctors continued their work with APA for disease testing, treatments and dental care.

This project was carried out jointly by a team of pediatricians and dentists of UMAF from France (vaccinations, consultations, treatments).


Thanks to the action of APA, orphanages were supplied with electricity at all times, including that of MOTHER TEREZA , which was previously completely deprived of electrical energy .


APA regularly stocked eight orphanages (total 581 children) for food, clothing, medicine and fuel ( 12'462 kg of food , 108 cartons of packages of clothing, 2,810 boxes of medicine).


South and north of Armenia, APA has opened two antennas to be closer to the population. These consist of a Social Welfare office, humanitarian pharmacy, a "Restaurant of the heart ," and a shop.

In Vanadzor , a sewing workshop has been installed where 28 people were recruited with disabilities to create work and allow them to generate their income.

The purpose of the store is to sell at nominal prices with connecting donors ( Company Setrak - Cepovett and CASCADE ) clothing offered by them. Revenues used to partially finance the costs of restaurants (160 meals per day to the most needy elderly).

Pharmacy APA distributed free medicines on presentation of a prescription to 4 categories of needy people (single pensioners , large families, victims of war , disabled first degree ) and the rest of the population the drugs were still sold on prescription nominal prices (5% of the local market price).


Actions in GORIS :

- Pharmacy supply and management .

- Financial Participation to summer camps (400 children).

- Support of three doctors in the Diagnostic Center of Goris for 250 free consultations per month.

- 18 schools in the region of Lachin .

- Supply and installation of windows ( damaged by bombings ).

- Supply of 300 desks and chairs (donated by " Schools Without Borders ").

- Construction of 1000 m2 of roof for a boarding school.

- Distribution of food and clothing to the villagers (a total of 2800 families).

- Distribution of medicines.

- Supply and installation of electrical lines to connect 10 villages.

- Purchase of a tractor and funding for the repair of agricultural machinery.


Actions in VANADZOR :

- Supply of raw material for the sewing workshop employings 28 disabled workers, supply and pharmacy management. Selling drugs at great discount for the benefit of the population. Free drug delivery 4 categories ( the same as Goris ) .

- Full support of orphans of six orphanages (housing, food, clothing, work).

- Assistance for Needy Families.

- Distribution of food to the elderly at home.

- Home care for the disabled: 3 nurses employed at full-time.

- Payment of the 1996 winter electricity bill for 400 elderly.

- Financing 3 Cultural Centres : Gogaran , Sarahart , Keghasar .

- Supply of wood to three village schools for the winter.

- Financing, management and renovation of nursing home created by APA

- Support for the school of Spitak : distribution of clothes for children, payment of electricity and supply of wood for the winter.


The humanitarian aid material from France

Part of the goods from France Humanitarian Aid was given to a local charity organization GTOUTIUN to be distributed to the refugees, the rest being distributed by the APA team.

 Needs were assessed in regions close to the  border to identify the most vulnerable areas of the population and identify the most vulnerable families for the distribution of 51,000 "family package " ( gift of the European Community ) .


The actions of the Office of Yerevan :

• Organization of summer camps for children from orphanages and children with disabilities: the summer on the shores of Lake SEVAN and in the region of Goris , winter DZARGADZOR ,

• Financial and material participation in camps was organized by the Ministry of Social Affairs (7000 children in Yerevan , 6000 children DZARGAZOR ) .

• Purchase of equipment for the School for the Blind.

• Assistance to orphanages.

• Technical and financial assistance to Manoug factory production unit infant food " CEBON ."

• Assistance with medical equipment and medicines to hospitals and center of prosthesis, in total 440 implants were made.

• Medical assistance and care to the needy.

• Medicine and food to the hospital CARITAS Ashotsk.



Projects conducted by APA with funding from the European Community "ECHO" (1993-1997)


- Importation of 30,300 T of oil for the production of 2 hours of electricity / day in Yerevan during the three months of winter.

- Purchase and monitoring the production of 24,300 kerosene stoves in Armenia.

- Transport and distribution of 51,000 family kits (Phase 1)

- Transport and distribution of 45,000 family kits (Phase 2) throughout Armenia for orphans, disabled people and families in Yerevan ) .

- Rehabilitation of 10 mini- hydro plants.

- Replacement of 35 breakers for 8 plants, 750 MW total power.

- Reconstruction of the roof to the three power plants in Yerevan .

- Provision of all equipment - machinery and raw materials - necessary to achieve orthopedic prostheses.

- Transport and distribution of infant milk throughout Armenia .

- Production and distribution of child dehydrated food to 80 % of children in Armenia.


APA is the only humanitarian organization to have distributed dried infant milk during this period:

• Distribution infant milk 681 Tons

• Child Dehydrated food " CEBON " 215 T

• Whole milk 75T

In total 196,800 children 0-2 years have benefited from this distribution.


The European Community has funded for the first time through APA , including major projects in the energy field with :

- Rehabilitation of the hydro- power plant (replacing all the breakers of the waterfall Hrazdan , Sevan electricity for the population and the security of the nuclear power plant ) and two projects of local production (stoves and infant food)



Activities Office APA of Armenia since 1998


From 1998 to 2000 , in collaboration with the APA ASIF ( Armenian social fund financed by the World Bank) has built the only house of Vanadzor for the elderly to accommodate 60 residents.


From 1998 to 2001 , in collaboration with AP A ASIF has completed the construction and renovation of 43 schools throughout Armenia :

- 11 new schools built .

- 22 full pardons from foundations to roofing .

- 10 partial renovations .


In 1999, thanks to the donation of Schools Without Borders ( French Association ) 5728 tables and chairs were transported and distributed in schools of Armenia. The transport of this material necessitated the chartering of 22 containers.


From 2001 to 2008 , APA with ASIF pursued rehabilitation of schools and houses for Youth and Culture , as well as renovation of irrigation and drinking water systems. ( Funding for APA was 45% for schools ( 7 schools ), 10 % for irrigation and drinking water systems. Altogether 17 networks have been renovated in 2003 including 6 funded via APA by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Foreign of France.


In 2001 , APA has participated in the contributed to the renovation of the operating facilities of the N 1 orthopedic hospital in Yerevan.


Since 2003 , APA has worked in collaboration with other associations:

- Financial contribution to the renovation of the dArabkir pediatric hospital.

- From 2004 to 2009 , financial assistance to the polyclinic of Lachin and provision of a 4x4 vehicle.

- Since 2005 , financial assistance to Monte Melkonian Association ensuring the operating budget of the cultural center Karegah .


APA Shares 2006-2008


- Water supply to three villages in Karabakh.

- Renovation of the polyclinic Lachin .

- Grant Research Center of Armenian architecture.

- Orphanage for the Sisters Arousiak of Gyurnri : participation in the operating budget of its camps about 820 orphans for 2 months and support of roof insulation to the Gyurnri orphanage.

- Continuing support for vulnerable people.

- Renovation and participation in the operation of the school in Khatchigkur was carried out in the border village of Naghitchévan to create a socio- cultural center in collaboration with local associations (the center has different sections: dance, music, painting, sewing) .

- Renovation of a center for handicapped in Dilijan belonging to the Association " Bridge of Hope”.

- Completion of Houses of Culture funding APA / ASIF Financing service at the Children's Hospital of Kanaker.


APA actions in 2009


- Purchase of a transport vehicle for the Association "UNISON" for the disabled.

- Purchase of 2 tractors for the Armavir region with accessories available to farmers.

- In areas of Armavir Loukachin , Noravan and Mayisyan , renovation of thre irrigation network including renovation and re- operation of 15 artesian wells.

- Supply and installation of 15 pumps and 15 artesian wells for irrigation of about 1,250 agricultural properties covering an area of 1420 ha.

- Provision for nursery schools and Loukachin Stepanavan , kitchen equipment and furniture , including dormitories,

- Distribution of family kits to 50 families who have a disabled child.


APA actions in 2010-2013


Program towards farmers:

- Provision of 4 tractors with drivers employed by the association,

- Provision of two trucks to transport their produce at the point of sale and participation in their transportation costs.

- Donation of 80 sheep to 20 needy families whose property has been seized following a non-repayment of loans.

- Contribution to the financing of a tractor for a cooperative of 42 farmers in the region of Tavush through a micro - credit (Planet Finance ) .


Continuation of regular programs:

- Support to the operational budget of the association Monte Melkonian, 2 Houses Youth and Culture in the province .

- Financing of the recording studio and rehearsal room for the blind in the Conservatory of Music in Yerevan (18 students)

- Donation of 2 cars " Niva " for carrying out their activities, Donation to " Arabkir " pediatric hospital

- Donation to the association of disabled " Unis on" for the fees of an English teacher in order to facilitate the integration of the disabled into the workforce,

- Follow-up of children with disabilities: logistical and financial assistance (support for transport costs, medicines and medical consultations) for disabled children many families in need of care at Children's Hospital,

- One-time support (food and clothing) to families of disabled

- Scholarship to three students of the French University in Armenia

- Settlement of medical bills for chemotherapy.


Help to other associations

- Donation to the association of children with leukemia in Armenia

- Donation to the Blood Bank

- Donation to Armenia Cooperation Association to finance their restaurant in Goris (free food for the needy)



Projects for 2014


Continuation of programs towards :

- Farmers

- Disabled

- Charitable organizations


And a new project:


Yerevan city does not have bus equipped to transport people in wheelchairs. The Association is considering the purchase of light vehicles adapted to the transport of disabled people. This project will be conducted in collaboration with the Association for the Disabled, UNISON.